Pro Patria leaves Insane Records

Artists should be above politics. We are the guardians of what’s right and we address socio-political issues through our work, without doing politics ourselves because then we become part of the system.

It is with deep regret that Insane Records forces a political stance upon me and therefore I can no longer function under their wing. This is extremely painful because no record label has ever done so much for me and we will still part ways as friends.

Furthermore, I’ve also decided to put Pro Patria on hold. It’s a decision that was already maturing inside of me for some time because the music scene these days is more about social media than music. It’s become more about creating something temporary than about creating something timeless. Or perhaps I’m also doing too many things at once and I find more satisfaction in my animations about the life of Bach or the astronomical observatory my wife and I started.

I will take some time off now, though I will probably still finish the new CD “Piercing Through the Armour”, which is almost finished anyway, and then publish it digitally. I will also still be available for a gig here or there.

So here’s the (for the moment) last Pro Patria single “Influencer”. It was originally intended as a parody on social media hipsters, but now it’s more about me not wanting to be influenced, or not wanting anything to be forced upon me.

I hope that you enjoy it and… thank you. It’s been a wonderful ride.

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