Pro Patria release their new album

Pro Patria release their new album

After having laid on the shelf for almost a year, I’ve decided to release the new album unfinished and only digitally for the symbolic price of €1.

Lacking the motivation to finish it properly and after postponing it month after month, I’ve cut the knot and the fourteen tracks will remain as they are. 

I have published five albums in less than five years’ time, all of them offering a completely different approach to EBM, from raw “Back to Basics”, more eighties-style “Executioner”, bone-hard and uncompromising “Godless” to acoustic “Naked EBM”. “Piercing Through the Armour” takes the listener on a much more personal tour, starting from the title track, which is still very much in line with “Godless”, to an array of different experiments. I’ve never been shy of pushing things beyond the limit, even risking to take a road that many would frown upon. In this album I believe to have gone way beyond at times and I hope that my audience will appreciate that.

And here we arrive at the main reason why creating EBM doesn’t give me any satisfaction anymore. The concept of EBM is simply too narrow and I desire to do so much more with music.

So will this album be the end? Certainly not! Music’s my life, from Bach to Vangelis and Aphex Twin. My piano has been a loyal companion for forty-four years and my mind’s continuously buzzing with music. With my next project, on which work has already begun, I will simply take a different road. It will be “Peter V” and you’ll probably be surprised, though it’ll take me a long time to finish as the project’s incredibly ambitious. But that’s exactly what I was lacking… the challenge. Anyway, more about this some other time.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the new album. There’s a lot of me in it.

You can download it here!


Pirecing through the Armour

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