Der Erfinder + Der Maschinenmensch

Der Erfinder + Der Maschinenmensch

Here are two more scenes for the Metropolis soundtrack!

7 – Der Erfinder (the inventor)

In the middle of Metropolis lies a rare house that the centuries have forgotten. There lives Rotwang, the inventor. He receives a visit from Joh Fredersen, who’s shocked to discover that Rotwang keeps the memory of Hel, Rotwang’s late daughter and Joh Fredersen’s late wife, alive. More than that, Rotwang tells Joh Fredersen that he’s able to recreate Hel.

8 – Der Maschinenmensch (the man-machine)

One of Metropolis’ most iconic scenes. Rotwang, the inventor, shows Joh Fredersen his creation: the man-machine through which he wants to bring Hel, his late daughter and Joh Fredersen’s late wife, back to life.


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