Belgian-origin Pro Patria was founded in 1988 by keyboard virtuoso Peter V. (aka PVC) and quickly evolved into a dark EBM style. They released a number of successful demos during the early nineties and eventually signed with the German Celtic Circle Records, for which they produced a first full CD “Quod Erat Demonstrandum” and a maxi CD entitled “Hard Times”. The bankruptcy of their label and personal problems, however, brought the project to an untimely halt by the turn of the millennium.

In 2017, Pro Patria returned with a performance at the Familientreffen EBM Festival near Leipzig, Germany, and this encouraged the band to produce a new full CD “Back to Basics”.

The following year the band played live i.a. at the famous W-Festival.

In 2019 Pro Patria recorded their third full CD “Executioner” and work started on yet another album “Godless” which was released in early 2021.

Over the years, Pro Patria developed its own, distinctive sound, characterised by a myriad of different layers and harmonic complexity. Their often strong lyrics advocate a healthy mind, human rights, concern about the environment, a strong aversion towards fascism and critical about religion.



The fugue is the most complex musical structure ever invented and it has always been my ambition to try to make one. The theme from “Death of a Friend” was simply begging me to use it for this purpose and on “Executioner” you’ll also find an earlier attempt to construct the introduction of a fugue as a hidden bonus with the same theme. So, after months of building themes, answers and counterpoints (and a lot of sweat and sleepless nights), here‘s my – very humble – attempt with a wink to the great master. Four voices, double counterpoint.


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